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KEAB - Kıbrıs Eğitim Araştırmaları Birliği
Adress: KTOEÖS Binası, Abdullah Parla Sokak, Lefkoşa / KIBRIS
E- mail: keab@kibriseab.org , infokeab@gmail.com
Tel: 0533 880 55 22
E-mail to Chairman: kemakbatman@yahoo.com
E-mail to General Secretery: ssarpten@hotmail.com


The Association engages in the following activities as a scientific organization, without political exploitation: Doing research into improving activities and making them effective. Organizing educational activities such as courses, seminars, conferences, and panel discussions.  Providing all sorts of information, documents, and publications to realize its goal, setting up a documentation center, publishing bulletins, newspapers, journals, books towards its goal, and distributing them to its members in order to advertise its activities.  Providing a healthy work environment to realize its goal, providing all kinds of technical equipment, office stock, and stationery. 

Added : 30.10.2009

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