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KEAB - Kıbrıs Eğitim Araştırmaları Birliği
Adress: KTOEÖS Binası, Abdullah Parla Sokak, Lefkoşa / KIBRIS
E- mail: keab@kibriseab.org , infokeab@gmail.com
Tel: 0533 880 55 22
E-mail to Chairman: kemakbatman@yahoo.com
E-mail to General Secretery: ssarpten@hotmail.com

About Membership
  Conditions for Membership

The Association has two types of membership, respectively, primal membership, and honorary membership. Anyone who accepts the goal and principles of the Association and agrees to work in that direction, and carries the necessary conditions of the relevant law, can become a member of the Association regardless of native language, race, or sex. Primal members must be TRNC citizens. This does not apply to honorary membership. 

Conditions of “primal” membership:
·     Be over 18 years old and capable of exercising civil rights.
·     Being a TRNC citizen.
·     Holding a first degree in Educational Sciences and/or relevant fields/disciplines from a local or foreign university, or continuing and completing education after graduation in one of the fields and/or disciplines of the Educational Sciences, and/or continuing education after the first degree in one of the fields and/or disciplines of the Education Sciences and doing research at present. 
 Conditions of “honorary” membership:
·      Those contributing greatly to the goal of the Association can be given honorary membership with the decision of the executive board.  
Adress: KTOES binası, Abdullah Parla Sokak. Lefkoşa / KIBRIS

Tel: 0533 880 55 22

Added : 30.10.2009

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